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| A Great RedCappi Email Alternative

If you are a RedCappi user, you would have probably received news that the company is terminating all accounts from free email domains. Damn. RedCappi’s effort to minimise deliverability issues will leave thousands of users without an email marketing service. If you are one of those users, we have a RedCappi email alternative for you, Sendicate. 🎉
Hooray! 🎉

From July 5th 2016, free domains from services like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail will be booted off Redcappi. The company has said that all future sign ups with a free domain will be also be rejected.

If you are one of those customers getting kicked off, don’t worry. Because it’s not too late now to continue sending to your subscribers with an email service that welcomes free domains.

Sendicate is a fantastic and free RedCappi alternative (for accounts under 500 subscribers). Our email marketing service equips you with the tools to create beautiful newsletters within minutes. Now you can take your email marketing to the next level with Sendicate’s high performance and upload speed.

Lightning Fast Platform

Sendicate is fast. We mean really fast. Composing, adding images and videos to your email newsletters and sending only takes seconds. Save more time concentrating on your message and let Sendicate do the design work for you.

The Easiest Service to Use


Designing newsletters beautiful newsletters on Sendicate is so quick and easy, people will assume you have a Phd in graphic design. Choose to customise your email from a template or take full control of your own design in HTML.

Email List Transfer

Have an email list you need to transfer from Redcappi? Upload your existing email list from Excel or CSV in just a few simple clicks.

Segmentation and Statistics

With this Redcappi alternative, it helps you keep track of your customer lists and target the right audience with its segmentation feature. You can also monitor statistics like open rates, click through rates, and deliverability.


Run a blog? Our simple RSS-to-email lets you set up automatic, beautiful looking emails sent directly from your blog’s RSS feed to your email list weekly (or whenever you want). Set it up once, and keep your blog subscriber list up to date with your content in beautiful newsletters without lifting a finger. Be like one of the web’s best design blogs Cool Hunting and set up your blog on Sendicate now.

These features are just the icing on the cake. You can join thousands of businesses, bloggers, and just about everyone else who use all of Sendicate’s powerful features to send beautiful emails to the people who matter.

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