| Why Segmentation is Vital for Email Marketing

Marketing communications is often a juggling act between sending highly targeted and relevant messages to individuals that will resonate with them, and mass marketing where the one message is delivered to many people at once. While the former results in a much greater likelihood of a conversion, the cost of getting the message to the individual is quite high. Conversely, with mass marketing the cost per individual is quite low but the likelihood that individuals will convert is similarly quite low. One of the many reasons email marketing such a powerful tool for marketers is that this trade off is not as pronounced with email. Sending emails is cheap and it’s relatively easy to build a decent subscriber list. While some people still treat email marketing as though it’s a mass marketing tool, savvy marketers have realised its potential as a tool to send targeted and highly relevant messages. And with services such as Sendicate, it has never been easier to send targeted emails out quickly. The difference between treating emailing as a mass marketing tool versus a personalised marketing tool is segmentation. Instead of sending the exact same message to all of your subscribers, you segment your list into similar groups that’s relevant for your overarching marketing strategy. This allows you to realise the benefits of sending personalised marketing messages to your subscribers without incurring the cost typically associated with this. General guidelines for segmentation Segmenting your email list is recognising that there exists various types of different people on your list that will respond positively »