| Featured Email: Crest & Co

Crest & Co is the place to visit for authentic luxury. They’ve curated an online store containing timeless luxury items full of originality. Their clean and refined style brings their brand to life for those who care deeply for craftsmanship and tells the stories of the people who make many of the items on their site. Crest & Co uses Sendicate to send emails featuring their merchandise and the exceptional quality they build into each product on their site. They utilize the dynamic and simple design from Sendicate to maintain a consistent brand style from email to website exuding their clean and refined feel. The emails look great on a desktop or a mobile. Discover what authentic luxury really is over at our friends, Crest & Co. »

| Featured Email: Bluethumb

Bluethumb online art gallery is the premier online destination for buying art in Australia directly from artists. They make it easy for art enthusiasts to do all their searching in one place while supporting individual artists. Bluethumb uses Sendicate’s email templates for their art newsletter, popular with Australian art collectors, featuring art pieces by style, region and subject. Lately they’ve produced spotlight emails on artists from Victoria and featured best-selling oil paintings. Their emails make use of the dynamic layouts and a clean, minimal design that allows the focus to be on the content: the artwork. Bluethumb’s emails are responsive out-of-the-box and look cool on mobile, tablets and desktops. »

| Connecting Sendicate With Your Favorite Apps

As Sendicate continues to grow and expand, different companies like LinkLab and Zapier have made it easier than ever to connect with some of the most popular business apps on the market like Shopify, Google Docs, Freshbooks and more. The integrations by LinkLab and Zapier can be completed in just a few steps after registering. This will save you a lot of time in the long-run by automating time-consuming tasks in just a few minutes. Using LinkLab After Registering with LinkLab just select the connection you want to make between Sendicate and any of the apps you use. Then you simply connect to both applications with your login credentials of each respective app. In this screenshot, we’re using Stripe and the Authorization token received when signing up for a Sendicate account. This is found under Manage>Account>API Token on the Sendicate website. After you connect both applications you can start transferring your email lists, customers, etc. to Sendicate. In only a couple minutes you can transfer entire lists over to Sendicate and send beautifully designed emails from your business with one of Sendicate’s many templates. Using Zapier It’s just as easy to create these connections with Zapier. First Create a trigger and action. Then complete the simple steps 2-7 These steps take just a minute and can be edited later on. Zapier offers connections with Sendicate and many different applications and triggers. They have over 29 pages of connections available. Some of the popular apps that connect seamlessly with Sendicate: Xero - Connect with the accounting »

| 5 Tips for Writing Subject Lines that Get Your Emails Read

The subject line is such a small simple cog in the giant machine of email marketing, it's often overlooked by business owners. When even the smallest cogs break down, whole machines can cease to work. Below are some tips for ensuring you don't break your email marketing machine by making the subject line strong as possible. 1. Don't Put the Main Before the Entree Email subject lines are a teaser and should be treated as such. It's the entree and the content of the email is the main (or appetizer and entree for the American crowd). You don't want to get to the main point of your email before they even look at it. People often see their spam box littered with subject lines that try to sell a whole offer in the subject line. Those will rarely be opened and even more rarely convert into sales. This leads me to the next point. 2. Keep the Subject Line Short This is for two reasons. One, so you don't try to fit an entire sales pitch into one line. Two, most of that subject line will get cut off due to people reading emails on an increasingly smaller screen. 53% of all email opened in Q3 of 2014 occurred on a mobile phone or tablet. – Experian “Quarterly email benchmark report” (Q3 2014). With less and less space for subject line text, it's optimal to keep subject lines between 4-7 words with less than 50 characters as anything more is likely to get cut-off. It's difficult to encapsulate a meaningful message »

| The Importance of Responsive Design

There was once a time when email was exclusively read on desktops. Then came the laptop, after which Apple and others introduced us to the smartphone revolution. Now billions of people all over the planet have mini-computers in their pockets with more computing power than the earliest computers. Email has been removed from the tether of the desktop and now moves with the mobility we humans do with emails being read on screens the size of human hands. Depending on who you ask, studies by Knotice have shown nearly 40% of all emails are read on mobile phones these days. Unfortunately, many businesses have fallen behind and failed to update their email marketing tactics with this trend. Some business owners claim it hasn’t had an effect on open rates, which is true, users can’t see the email until they open it, thus not directly influencing the open ratio. However, it’s clear that opening an email on an iPhone that’s designed for a desktop is akin to running into a construction detour while driving a car. It’s fair to say most email readers in 2015 don’t have the patience to take that detour. To avoid these detours and capture the ever-shrinking attention span of modern humans, you must pave the way of least resistance for your email marketing. That is to create responsive emails that adjust to the screen of the user. This practice improves the experience and allows the content to be digested on any device. The content is after all, the sole reason »