| Get Smarter Ecommerce Email

Introducing SmartrMail, the smart email app for ecommerce made by us. Keep reading for a quick run down on why SmartrMail kickass for ecommerce email. 1. Automatic product emails Send out automatic emails with featured products from your store. Choose which products to recommend based on freshness, price, and stock quantity. You can also choose whether to recommend products based on popularity or individual user behavior. Set the frequency and when you'd like emails sent, and you're ready for take-off! 2. Auto abandoned cart emails & recommended products Auto abandoned cart emails are the most efficient way you can remind your customers that they have left something in their cart. While you're at it, you can also choose to recommended products based on their individual behaviour. 3. Advanced pop up settings Need to find a way to monetize the traffic coming through your site? Quickly build your email list and grab potential customers with a pop up. 4. Segmented email data View the performance of your individual email campaigns with relevant statistics, including revenue generated. 5. Analytics Are you meeting your campaign goals? Monitor your results with our powerful analytics tools. Data is easily accessible your SmartrMail Dashboard. Sound Good? Get started now If you have a Shopify, BigCommerce or Neto store, you can try SmartrMail right now with a free trial. Happy Sending! »

| Guide to using SumoMe Email Pop Up with Sendicate

Want to integrate the SumoMe List Builder Email Pop up with Sendicate for your site? Then follow our step by step guide here. 1. Install Sumo Me List Builder on your Site Follow the install instructions on Sumo Me List Builder to add it to your site. You don't need to turn on the pop up yet. 2. Create a New List in Sendicate Next, login to Sendicate and create a list for the new email subscribers that the pop up is going to collect. 3. In Sendicate Customize Sign up Form Click into your new list, and on the right menu, click Customize Sign up Form. Here is where you can set up which fields you would like to collect on your pop up. There's also a handy HTML widget provided there that you can paste directly into your site to start collecting sign ups on site. Pro tips: The less fields you make people fill out, the more sign ups you will get (there's a direct correlation). If at all possible, just make it email address only. 4. Paste the HTML Widget into List Builder In Sendicate copy the widget HTML snippet. Then go SumoMe List Builder, and under Advanced paste the HTML into Custom Form, and choose Small form size. You might want to apply some CSS styling to it. Otherwise, you can go ahead and use the fancy styling of Sendicate customer Bluethumb pop up: <div class="subscribe_forms-preview" id="wrapper" style="background: url('http://i68.tinypic.com/jignki.jpg'); background-size: cover;border-radius: 5px;margin: »