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| Bare Designed Emails

The most successful companies are the ones that provide a personal connection with their customer. Sending a quick message when they first join your mailing list can be a catalyst for a continued dialog between you and your customer.

However, sending a highly designed email automatically when they sign up doesn’t necessarily elicit a personal connection. It can come across as programmatic, creating distance between you and a subscriber on the first touch. The alternative is to send an email directly from your gmail or email client to the new subscriber which will definitely be a more personalized touch that savvy subscribers will recognize. That may be possible when you have a couple subscribers each day, but once you get into the hundreds it’s just not possible to email everyone every day.

Sendicate’s new bare email feature allows you to bridge that gap and automate emails that appear to be personalized to spark a personal relationship between your brand and subscribers easily without continued effort. You can write a simple welcome message in Sendicate, using the Bare email template and then automate it to be sent immediately each time someone new signs up. In the email you ran let the new subscriber know they can reach out directly to you and sign off with your name and email instead of a or Studies have shown bare emails have a higher engagement rate when used on the first touch and people tend to respond to those much more than a formatted HTML email.

Below are instructions with screenshots to help you get started with setting up this type of email autoresponder:

  1. Start from compose and type in a subject line and a list. If you’re automating it for new subscribers, select options and then automate email to include the ‘event’ and ‘when’ options. Choose the event that triggers the email and the time you want the email to be sent out after the trigger. You’re able to customize the ‘when’ parameter to suit your business needs.

  1. Next you can select ‘one column’ or ‘headline’ to write your email in. I chose headline, leaving the heading clear and writing your message in the subheading area.

  1. Next go to preview email below where you wrote your text. On the choose design drop-down menu select the ‘Bare’ option from default designs.

  1. The preview should pop up with the bare email design as displayed below.

It’s that simple and you’re ready to go. Just click send emails from the preview screen after you test send one to yourself and they will start going out when people subscribe to your newsletter, download an ebook or whatever trigger you set.

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