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| Collaborate on your email

Efficient teams work together. Everyone's had that delusional superior who thinks they know best about everything and micromanages you to the point that you can't do your job. If you're that boss, stop reading.

With Sendicate's collaborators feature, each member of the team can be given their own account access, meaning you no longer have to share or change the password you use for everything (which normally involves an embarrassing pet's name or past lover's details) with the rest of your team.

This feature is also great if you outsource tasks. Access to your account can be easily given and taken away with a few clicks.

Below are instructions with screenshots to help you start working together with Sendicate:

  • Click on the 'manage' tab. In the drop down menu, click on 'account'.

  • Then scroll down to 'collaborators' and click on the 'invite collaborator' button.

  • Enter the new collaborator's name and email and click on the 'create collaborator' button.

  • That's it! A message will appear letting you know your account collaborator has been updated.

  • Your collaborator will receive this email. They just need to follow the link and change their password.

  • If you need to remove a collaborator from your account, simply go back to the 'collaborator' section and click the 'x' next to their name.