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| Connecting Sendicate With Your Favorite Apps

As Sendicate continues to grow and expand, different companies like LinkLab and Zapier have made it easier than ever to connect with some of the most popular business apps on the market like Shopify, Google Docs, Freshbooks and more.

The integrations by LinkLab and Zapier can be completed in just a few steps after registering. This will save you a lot of time in the long-run by automating time-consuming tasks in just a few minutes.

Using LinkLab

After Registering with LinkLab just select the connection you want to make between Sendicate and any of the apps you use.

Then you simply connect to both applications with your login credentials of each respective app. In this screenshot, we’re using Stripe and the Authorization token received when signing up for a Sendicate account. This is found under Manage>Account>API Token on the Sendicate website.

After you connect both applications you can start transferring your email lists, customers, etc. to Sendicate.

In only a couple minutes you can transfer entire lists over to Sendicate and send beautifully designed emails from your business with one of Sendicate’s many templates.

Using Zapier

It’s just as easy to create these connections with Zapier.

First Create a trigger and action.

Then complete the simple steps 2-7

These steps take just a minute and can be edited later on. Zapier offers connections with Sendicate and many different applications and triggers. They have over 29 pages of connections available.

Some of the popular apps that connect seamlessly with Sendicate:

  • Xero - Connect with the accounting service Xero to collect all your buyers in an email list.

  • MailChimp - Connect your Mailchimp account with Sendicate and update your Sendicate email list.

  • Google Docs - Import lists into Sendicate from Google Docs spreadsheets or documents.

  • Shopify - When you get a new customer on shopify, automatically add them to your Sendicate email list.

  • Freshbooks - The name and email of new clients in Freshbooks can be automatically added to your Sendicate Email list.

  • Stripe - Create new Sendicate subscriber from new Stripe customers.