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| Featured Email: Destination Artists Touring Agency

Destination Artists Touring Agency (DATA) is a New York City based booking agency directing the live touring careers of its musicians and artists. In their monthly Sendicate powered newsletter, the agency connects their clients with important players in the music and event industries.

DATA's newsletter utilises Sendicate's Tokyo template to seamlessly recreate the slick design of their website. Greg Fischman from DATA took some time out to answer our questions on successful email marketing.

How important is good design to getting a response from your audience?

Extremely important and Sendicate’s design was the number one reason Destination Artists Touring Agency (DATA) selected its email services. Good design is crucial in presenting our agency and artists the right way to influencers we are looking to work with.

How do you stand out amongst the crowd?

By keeping the email format consistent. We open with DATA’s logo and lay out information the same way every time so that the reader becomes familiar with our style & design.

How do you create an email people want to read?

By limiting our email to strictly one per month and creating a monthly newsletter. If you overdo the volume of emails they can quickly lose their effectiveness. We carefully curate each month’s email to make sure it is meaningful content on our artists that subscribers would want to know about – new music, tours, big shows, & press features.

How do you stay fresh?

Rather easily actually since our product is artists and musicians who need to constantly stay fresh to grow. New tours, new festivals, and new signings to DATA’s roster keep it constantly changing each month.

What is your strategy in regards to growing your audience and subscribers?

We’re always adding new subscribers as we create new relationships and contacts, which has helped DATA grow along with the sign up form on our website. We also have plans to create several new mailing lists by end of the year including one for international markets and another one dedicated solely to colleges & universities.

Who is your audience and how do you tailor your newsletters to them?

Our audience is anyone involved in booking entertainment for events. Most of our readers are people who work in music or event planning. Talent buyers for concert venues, nightclub owners, promoters, corporate event planners and festivals are who we want to engage. Our newsletter updates these important people on what is new with our clients. Maybe that promoter in Los Angeles who was considering booking our act before will now move forward after seeing something of interest in the newsletter.

What’s the biggest email faux pas?

Any of the mass email blasts where the sender adds his entire contact list on the cc line instead of bcc are probably up there!

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