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| Featured Email: the Bearleader Chronicle

The Bearleader Chronicle is a monthly online Travel magazine where people who are passionate about experiencing new things go to be inspired. Run by a team of adventurers with countless miles of travel under their belts, the Bearleader's mission is to look beyond the obvious to uncover the best the world has to offer.

Their website has the feel of an old-fashioned newspaper, yet its simplicity and excellent design makes it feel fresh and modern at the same time. We especially love the flat design world times and weather report in the footer.

They have replicated the website's great design in their Sendicate powered newsletter. The responsive design and minimalistic approach to their newsletter ensures it looks awesome on all screens.

We caught up with Daniela Stallinger, Bearleader's founder and editor based in New York, to talk branding, marketing and strategy.

How do you ensure your voice is seamless on all marketing platforms?

It was part of our brand design from the beginning to communicate via a variety of media and channels, and to tune our message to play to each’s strengths. We use Facebook and Twitter to announce what is happening on the site. On Instagram we use strong visuals and quotations to spark interest for potential readers. And we use, a new map based social media platform, which is the perfect format for our travel centric content. So we can only maintain consistency by having a solid brand structure and following it like a roadmap every day.

How do you stand out amongst the crowd?

It may sound obvious but it’s only by constantly striving for excellence and maintaining focus on our brand principles that enables us to deliver a great product to our readers. We believe that consistency of quality is what distinguishes us in the industry.

How do you stay fresh?

We are constantly on the lookout for new ways to package our content in ways that will be useful to our readers. Early on we started a weekly preview of upcoming stories through our Facebook channel. We were getting a good response from this, but we thought a more direct rollout of the feature would be more attractive and deliver a richer mix of content. So now we are packaging our preview into a weekly emailer and it reaches a much larger audience. We never sit still with our brand, we are constantly tweaking our tools to make a better experience for our followers.

What's your strategy in regards to growing your audience and subscribers?

Great content is our prime driver for audience growth and we grow naturally when we are consistent. But we are just at a point in our development where we can start engaging with classic PR through magazines and other media outlets. We know there’s tremendous potential in this area and we are excited to start bringing our story to a more diverse audience.

Who is your audience? How do you tailor your newsletter to your audience?

Our target audience starts at around 40, lives predominately on the east and west coasts and is relatively well off. They have travelled quite a bit and are interested in new ways of traveling, even if it’s to places they have already been. They appreciate food, culture and the finer things in life. They seek adventure, but sometimes lack a good plan in order to achieve it. That’s where we come in. We seek out and research unique and fascinating destinations, and then sort out the best way to navigate that adventure for our readers. By giving some basic structure to our readers for how experience a place, we are enablers for adventure.

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