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| Gmail Deliverability Changes

Recently Google seems to have made some DMARC changes similar to Yahoo’s last April, altering their DMARC handling that affects the deliverability of emails being send through ESPs via a email address. Essentially this means if you send emails from your gmail account, there’s a greater chance of emails going to the spam box or being undeliverable.

Why has this changed?

Google, like Yahoo, is on the forefront of combating fraudulent and spammy email practices. The apparent DMARC authentication policy update by Google may label emails that come from a gmail account but not through their authenticated servers as spam and end up in spam filters. This is especially problematic for businesses and bloggers sending batch emails from their personal gmail or yahoo accounts. Essentially all emails going through ESPs instead of Google servers will be labelled as ‘inauthentic’ if using gmail account in the ‘For Address’ and are at risk to be blocked or received as spam. This could pose challenges and result in lower opening rates cascading into conversion rate drops and more until fixed by the email senders. Although it seems only Gmail and Yahoo have made these changes, many email hosts are compliant with DMARC and may reject unauthenticated emails. This change will have some impact on users of ESPs like Sendicate, MailChimp and others if they use a ‘From Address’ with a Yahoo or Gmail account.

What to do?

Moving forward, it would be best practice to avoid sending batch emails from a gmail or yahoo account and to utilize an email at a private domain for the ‘From Address’. So when sending with Sendicate, instead of setting ‘Sent from’, set up and use that email in your ‘Sent from’ field. It’s important to check your email reports for any dips in the unopened rate, as this may be an indicator of emails being affected by this change.

This change may cause a temporary hindrance for some and require a few changes to settings in email campaigns, but will eventually result in less email spam and make it easier to get your emails in front of your audience.

You can take some extra steps to prevent your domain from being labeled as outgoing spam.

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