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| Integrate Sendicate with Shopify, Stripe, Freshbooks, and more with Zapier

Have you ever wanted to automatically add your Shopify customers to Sendicate? Or grab the emails of new Freshbooks customers and automatically add them to Sendicate? In a perfect world you could connect Sendicate to any other service in just a few clicks, and now you can with Zapier.

Zapier is an incredible service that connects Sendicate to almost 200 other services ranging from Salesforce to Stripe to Zendesk. One of our customers even created an integration to migration from Mailchimp to Sendicate.

Here are a few integrations to get you started. Click the image to see the details at Zapier.

Shopify to Sendicate

New Shopify customers will be added to Sendicate.

Freshbooks to Sendicate

New Freshbooks customers will be added to Sendicate.

Stripe to Sendicate

New Stripe customers will be added to Sendicate.

Shopify to Mailchimp

New Mailchimp subscribers will be added to Sendicate.

Sign up with Zapier to get your integration started and follow the easy instructions.