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| Introducing Search: A Small Start for Big Data

It was the the great philosopher Plato that said “man is a being in search of meaning” and we tend to agree about the necessity of search. Starting today Sendicate is releasing a radically overhauled and expanded search foundation with a world-class search product for real-time data and analytics.

As an email service provider we are inundated with key metrics and data from subscribers spanning simple personalized data like name, email, and custom fields through to full usage and behavioral metrics on mobile and desktop stats, opens, clicks and more. With our new search feature we have a solid platform to utilize this data in sophisticated and compelling ways to discover and surface customer insight. Best of all, this data is available in real-time and can scale to new applications and new scope.

Search in Practice

So what does this mean in practice? The first change you will notice is that there is now a global search bar visible on every page. The second big change is that today you can drill down and search all available subscriber fields, including custom fields using our new Advanced Search feature. To access this simply click the triangle in the search box to expand the options.

If you used our importer, subscribe forms, or API to collect additional information such as "customer status" you can now quickly find these subscribers through the custom fields search.

In addition to customer data it is now possible to search for behavioral data including opens, clicks and dates. This is particularly useful to find subscribers that are very engaged with high open rates.

Boolean logic based searches can also be made with AND and OR searches. For example, search for those subscribers with a "customer status" set to "active" AND a high click and open rate.

Other Improvements

To complement the search features and extra information we have made our subscriber tables fluid and flexible. By default these tables now span the entire width of the screen to allow you to see more subscriber data.

To make use of the extra space we now allow columns visibility to be customized. Simply click the edit icon in the subscriber table header and select the fields to display. If a lot of fields are shown the table will be scrollable.

As a final improvement we have optimized the subscriber database for speed and scale, especially with large datasets.

What to Expect Going Forward

Today's release is only the beginning of our search and big data vision. From the foundation already in place we will steadily collect more stats and subscriber behavior trends that will become actionable in Sendicate. Expanded stats will allow for new opportunities for insight, data visualization, and targeting capabilities.

Soon we will release companion features that allow for smart lists, filtering, and segmentation. Smart lists will allow for easy and ad-hoc targeting based on dynamic attributes and data. Subscriber management improvements are also underway that will make it much easier to manage subscribers and lists.

We would really like to thank our amazing customers for all the insightful feedback that has allowed us to continue to build Sendicate into something powerful and special. Keep the feedback coming!