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| Introducing Mosaic, a New Responsive Email Template

Today we take our newsletters a step forward by introducing Mosaic, a new responsive email template by Alex Ilhan and UK creative agency Mosaic.

Design and content are at the heart of Sendicate. One of our first features was a flexible template language allowing ultimate customization with a simple content focused workflow and together these have allowed for some beautiful newsletters to be made. From the start we have seen creative teams extend Sendicate to create some truly stunning designs, but today is the first time a template has been released by our community.

Multiple Columns & Responsive Layouts

Sendicate excels with an easy compose workflow that makes it effortless to add stylized two or three column layouts and easily mix and match the sections into a dynamic layout. One of our favorite features of this responsive template is how it takes multiple columns on the desktop and converts it to a single column on mobile. No more pinching and zooming with clear text and nice clickable buttons.

The Process

Alex was kind enough to write about his experience when designing, building and integrating the template:

Designing and building a template is always a challenge. Most templates that are out there already are either visually lackluster or designed very specifically to one target market.

We wanted to do the opposite to this! Our goal was to design, build and integrate a beautiful template into the Sendicate system.

We set out with some very clear goals for this template:

  • It needs to be mobile optimise, rendering nicely across all platforms
  • It needs to be fully customisable so that a user can mix and match elements to create a totally unique email
  • It needs to fit multiple purposes; a user can use it for a flash sale, newsletter, etc
  • It needs to degrade gracefully; remaining it's responsiveness and general design aspects no matter how much content a user chooses to add or not add.

We were greatly aided in this by the power that the Sendicate template's have; resizing images, adapting content to fit the HTML, and if statements to name a few.

Fundamentally we wanted to style it in a way that made content obvious, with a distinct definition between headings and content. We achieved this through the use of the IF statements to allow for total customisation. An example of this is our three column section that can be adapted to be anything from news stories to product galleries.

Ultimately,we feel we hit our goals by producing a visually appealing, versatile email that integrates perfectly with the Sendicate system.

Preview Mosaic

Want to preview Mosaic on the desktop and mobile devices? See how it displays with Litmus. Alternatively, check out the template code in out Github account and our accompanying template docs.

To get started with Mosaic login, go to the Design section, select Mosaic, then start customizing.

Many thanks to Alex and the team at Mosaic for the fantastic work! Please be sure to check Mosaic's work and give them a buzz if you ever need any digital creative work.