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| New Feature: Automated Emails by Sendicate

Sendicate has built a new user-friendly way to create automated emails in just a few minutes. Perfect for quickly setting up multiple email drip campaigns.

Using the new automated email feature, businesses can create email campaigns based on actions users take on their website. For instance, if a visitor subscribes to your newsletter, you can prepare an email and automate emails for those sign-ups to occur immediately, a day after, or however long you want after an action is taken. You can build this out to create drip campaigns that will send a series of emails when a new user signs up. With so many custom options, the campaigns can be catered to your specific business needs. Now you can keep your subscribers engaged with your brand over a longer period of time, automagically.

Below is a series of screenshots taking you through the set-up process.

Under options on the far right side, select automated email to begin the process of setting up an automated email campaign.

This screenshot below shows the compose page where users can set the event and time delay for the email to be sent after the said event has taken place. Here you set the subject line and the sent from fields.

There are many pre-set options to time your email after an event has taken place. If none of the presets suit your needs, you can choose a custom one as well.

You can choose the event that must occur for the automated emails to trigger. Whenever a subscriber signs up for your newsletter on your website, using this feature, a sendicate-template email will then be sent. How long after this event occurs, depends on the time option selected above.

Once all the fields are filled in to determine who is being sent the email and when, you can go ahead and build the email with one of Sendicate’s many templates. After you’ve built your email, just make it live. Any new subscribers who join will start receiving it.