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| New Feature: Email Snippet Preview

In the email marketing world, everyone is competing to capture a reader’s attention in just a second or two. Subject lines fall under the microscope most often and numerous studies have shown a/b tests that prove simple word placement can have a double digit impact on open rates. Below the subject line is another important attribute of an email that often goes ignored. It’s the email snippet text. Snippet text is taken from the first line of an HTML email and without customization is an opportunity lost to bolster the strength of the subject line. Email marketers often waste this space by failing to customize it and the default appears as “Click here to view in browser” or worse “This image cannot be displayed”.

The snippet appears differently between, mobile, outlook, gmail, etc. but in each one of them it is an opportunity to entice readers to engage with your email.

Sendicate has created an email snippet preview section that allows users to quickly customize their snippet text to align the messaging with their subject line and increase open rates for customers. It’s easy to use and can be accomplished in less than a minute when creating a new email.

Below are screenshots showing how to customize an email preview snippet within Sendicate:

  1. Start with composing a new message. Input your list and your subject line.

  1. Create your email as usual. Here I made a simple two column email.

  1. Then go down to compose another section and click on the ‘more options’ button in the top right. In the drop-down menu, click on email preview snippet.

  1. Here is the section that goes to the top of the email composition page.

  1. Simply type in the text line what you want your email preview snippet to say when the email arrives in your reader’s inbox after the subject line.

  1. Here is an example of a test email sent to a gmail inbox. You can see the email snippet text after the subject line.

In just a few seconds you can customize your email preview snippet and increase the engagement rates for your email marketing campaigns.

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