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| Reinventing Email Newsletters, Introducing Sendicate Version 1.0

Can you believe Sendicate made its beta debut only four months ago? Since then we have sent over 10 million emails and have signed up over 2000 customers, and we are growing by leaps and bounds. Today, we are excited to launch version 1.0, and sincerely look forward to working with you to build an amazing product to re-invent and re-invigorate email.

New Faces at Sendicate

Today’s 1.0 launch has seen some major milestones for our company. The first announcement is that we have a talented new CTO, Evan Whalen, joining the founding team. After successfully leading development for a NY e-commerce startup, Evan brings formidable experience to the team and will allow us to rapidly introduce new and exciting features. Also taking a more integrated role is Patrick Emanuel who has led the marketing and online efforts for some world-class brands and will be responsible for heading up our partnerships.

New Features to Discover

When Sendicate launched in beta we were admittedly short on a few features, but we have been working on foundation features to allow a better and more powerful email experience. It also goes without saying that we re-created several features for better performance and stability, and have several shiny new servers to take us to our next milestones. Here is a look at some of the new features we have added over the last months:

New Stats

Our statistics and reporting has been overhauled and now supports granular subscriber tracking. In addition to viewing the stats overview it is now possible to drill down and see who click and opened, what links were clicked and by whom. We also added a history graph to easily spot mailing trends over the last 30 emails.

All New Subscriber Section

The subscribe section received a total overhaul. We added search functionality, a new “all subscribers” smart list, a new subscriber profile page with editable data, and full mailing history for each subscriber. Our biggest feature was adding custom fields so Sendicate can now be your own CRM. Each field supports different datatypes and will set the scene for advanced segmenting features to be added in an upcoming version.

Fully Customizable Subscribe Forms

Building on the custom fields feature it is now possible to create totally customized sign-up forms for your subscribers. Add as many extra form fields as you like, and while you are at it customize design elements like the logo, background, and text. Accompanying this is an expanded embed code that you can use on your site to collect sign-ups. One last feature is the ability to redirect subscribers back to your site after they successfully subscribed.


With new custom fields we needed a new way to import your existing data and have it match Sendicate’s new fields. We built an importer that uses fuzzy string matching to guess any column names and match it with the app’s fields. Subsequent imports will update any records, so if your master records change don’t hesitate to re-import to Sendicate.

Quickly Customize Emails Before Sending

Our design section allows for the complete customization of emails, but your feedback told us that you wanted a way to make last-minute tweaks from the preview page. There is now a customization sidebar that will reveal all the formatting options for your template. Some customers like to make quick color changes for each email to spice up their design and keep it fresh. Any changes made on the preview page are for that email only. For permanent changes use the design section.

API for Integrations

The API is a behind-the-scenes feature, but it is the most powerful and the one we are most excited about for launch. Previously customers were limited to subscribe forms or the importer and there was no automated or programmatic way to integrate with existing apps. Now it is seamless to connect Sendicate to your apps and we have support for Shopify, Magento, Freshbooks, Stripe, and more. Look out for many new integrations this year.


CSS Inlining

We re-visited our template engine and added CSS inlining to make code significantly more readable and workable. Any code within style tags will now be inlined, but there are also options to keep styles within the head for responsive features.

Mobile Focus

Our template changes have allowed us to have a new focus on mobile. We are currently re-coding all our default templates to be even more tailored to mobile screens with responsive design. Mobile is most definitely the future and we are totally committed to making Sendicate the best mobile experience for email.

New Pricing

Based on your feedback we reduced prices by 50% back in January. Whilst not exactly a feature, this has been one of our most well received changes.

Anything Missing?

If there is anything missing send us a note and we will be sure to fast-track development for your most requested features.

What to Expect in 2013

Email is integral to our daily lives and we depend on it to keep in touch with friends and family as well as stay informed on purchases, favorite brands, and sites. But email is broken. The entire process is arduous for companies and users alike and needs to be liberated.

Our focus mission this year is to radically simplify the communication, sales and marketing potential of email through empowering teams with new sets of workflow and tools. Sendicate will drive more sales for commerce sites, promote more engagement and pageviews for publishers, and allow superior reach and targeting for marketers. Most importantly, we will introduce new tools for recipients to enhance email through interactivity as well as streamline the email experience. It will be a big year and we can’t wait to roll out these features for you.

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