Sendicate Blog: Email Newsletter Marketing

| Sendicate Featured as Leading Email Marketing Service

Notable email site Send Smarter recently profiled Sendicate in their review of major email marketing services.

Sendicate scored well amongst the review criteria in this write up:

A newer service based in the Big Apple, Sendicate focuses on sending beautiful email (who doesn’t?) so much so that they put ”beautiful” right in their mission statement. Their RSS-to-email integration is stellar; you can set up multiple sections to tap into your RSS feed to create a particularly stunning work. As for other features, they’re working on them. Mobile-friendly templates were the latest release, so it shows that Sendicate is committed to bigger and better things. If you want to get in on the ground floor of something great, this would be the place to try.

Ideal for: Early adopters with newsletters to send — Kevan Lee, Send Smarter

Head over to Send Smarter to see the full review and be sure to check out some of their great email resources or signup for their newsletter.