| Indie-folk group, Del Water Gap, know email lists are the future of the music industry

Photo: F. S. Oleshansky Del Water Gap are an indie-folk group based out of Manhattan. Their melodic tunes, beautiful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics are winning them fans and critical acclaim. However, as our attention spans decrease thanks to smartphones, there’s never been a more difficult time for a band to keep their fan base engaged and interested. "I’ve never liked the Mailchimp monkey. He looks like a liar." - S. Holden Jaffe, Del Water Gap Having grown up through the rise of the social media zombie apocalypse, Del Water Gap’s front man, S. Holden Jaffe, recognizes the difficulties in getting heard. He believes, as do many big players in the music industry, that the best way to get your message out there is through growing your mailing list and sending newsletters fans want to read. We caught up with Holden to talk growing lists, strategy and design. You’ve said 'Email lists are the future of it all.' We agree! Why do you believe this? We’re all aware of what Facebook has become as of recent. It’s hard to get one’s content above the noise without paying. So after the trusty timeline, email seems to be the logical delivery system. Requiring fans to double opt in to join a list is also huge - you end up with a much more organic, passionate following, whereas any rando [sic] can like your Facebook page and forget about you. How do you build your list? Most of our entries come from folks who buy our »