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| The Importance of Responsive Design

There was once a time when email was exclusively read on desktops. Then came the laptop, after which Apple and others introduced us to the smartphone revolution. Now billions of people all over the planet have mini-computers in their pockets with more computing power than the earliest computers. Email has been removed from the tether of the desktop and now moves with the mobility we humans do with emails being read on screens the size of human hands.

Depending on who you ask, studies by Knotice have shown nearly 40% of all emails are read on mobile phones these days. Unfortunately, many businesses have fallen behind and failed to update their email marketing tactics with this trend. Some business owners claim it hasn’t had an effect on open rates, which is true, users can’t see the email until they open it, thus not directly influencing the open ratio. However, it’s clear that opening an email on an iPhone that’s designed for a desktop is akin to running into a construction detour while driving a car. It’s fair to say most email readers in 2015 don’t have the patience to take that detour.

To avoid these detours and capture the ever-shrinking attention span of modern humans, you must pave the way of least resistance for your email marketing. That is to create responsive emails that adjust to the screen of the user. This practice improves the experience and allows the content to be digested on any device. The content is after all, the sole reason of sending an email, to engage, teach or sell a product to your audience. By targeting an email list with a responsive design, email marketers can save time than designing individual emails for every such device.

Source: BlueHornet “Consumer Views of Email Marketing” (2014)

At the same time they’re reaching their audience with their content actionable, because they can read it and act on any call-to-action items present in the emails.

An important thing to remember when creating responsive email campaigns is to ensure any landing page from the email’s call-to-action is also responsive. Nothing throws a potential customer off the buying trail like going from a beautifully designed responsive email on their iPhone to a page designed for a desktop that they can’t read.

By implementing a responsive design on your emails, you can ensure your campaign is reaching your audience in a way that’s readable to them. That’s the first step to any successful marketing campaign, is getting the bait in front of them in a way they can digest it. It’d be like fishing for marlins with hooks sized for small-mouthed bass. You might get a couple bites along the way, but you’ll never get what you prize.

Using Sendicate, you can craft a beautiful responsive email in a matter of minutes optimized for desktop, mobile or tablet to reach your customers with your content readable anywhere on any screen.