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| E-Commerce Platform Tictail Launches App Store Featuring Sendicate Integration

Back in the middle of a hot New York summer the Sendicate team were invited to Sweden to work with Tictail, a dedicated and talented group of people that have set out to redefine and reinvigorate e-commerce. Already there are over 24,000 stores created with Tictail in just a few months.

Together we worked on creating a seamless integration allowing Tictail stores to seamlessly connect with Sendicate. Simply go to the app page in Tictail, add the Sendicate app, then you are instantly taken to Sendicate with customers and followers automatically synchronized. There is no need for extra logins, imports, or prompts. Just plug and play.

To introduce Tictail and the app store we are pleased to welcome Tictail's community manager, Livia.

Hi, my name is Livia and I’m the Community Manager at Tictail. I’m thrilled to be able to share some really exciting news with you. The brand new Tictail App Store is here – our biggest update since the very launch of Tictail!

We see this as opening up a whole world of possibilities for selling online. Not only do we offer our customers the easiest and most beautiful way to start up an online store with zero costs involved. Now, with the Tictail App Store, we are able to provide an entirely new playing field for our customers with more apps offering more functionality, in the end allowing our customers to grow with us.

Since our launch in May 2012, we’ve seen over 24,000 online stores in 110 markets created on our platform. Becoming an e-tailer has never been easier and we couldn’t be more proud to have Sendicate onboard this e-commerce revolution. With their intuitive and easy to use email tool, our stores can design and send gorgeous newsletters to their followers and customers – one of the most requested features from our community! I believe that email marketing is a valuable part of community building – the chance to win the hearts of both new and existing customers.

For a further look at Tictail Apps, the development process, and even a glimpse of the Sendicate team take a look at their beautiful video. Then head over to Tictail and open your free store, and don't forget to install the Sendicate app with just one click.